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M Sand Suppliers in Chennai

MSS Subasri is an M sand dealers in Chennai that caters to residential, commercial and industrial projects with an extensive selection of construction and building materials. From sand and aggregate,wet mix, and stone dust they offer everything you need to complete your construction project with the highest quality products at unbeatable prices - always delivered in a timely manner. A team of knowledgeable and experienced members provide clients with the best service and support for hassle-free content.

At MSS Subasri, the M-Sand we supply is held to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that you always get the best!

For quality M Sand wholesale dealers in Chennai, look no further than MSS Subasri M Sand Suppliers! Offering top-notch M Sand that is used in construction, building works, and infrastructure projects.This experienced team of professionals work hard to provide the highest quality product and excellent customer service, with timely delivery and competitive pricing.

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Types of M Sand

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Plastering M Sand

The sand manufactured here is of the granule thickness 150 microns to 2.35 mm and it is ideal for wall plastering, wall tile laying purposes.

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Concrete M Sand

The sand manufactured here is of the granule thickness 150 microns to 4.75 mm and it is ideal for RCC, Concreting purposes.

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Brick work M Sand

The granule thickness of this sand is 150 microns to 3.55 mm and as the name says, it is ideal for brick or block laying purposes.

Advantage of M Sand for Construction

Greater Durability:

M-Sand stands out for its remarkable combination of balanced physical and chemical properties - making it capable of enduring any hostile environmental and climatic conditions while ensuring enhanced durability, greater strength and overall cost-effectiveness.

Eco friendly:

M-sand is an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional river sand; crafted from crushed hard granite, it is a sustainable and green choice.

High Concrete Strength:

M-sand is an ideal solution for construction projects requiring strength and long-lasting durability, boasting a remarkable record for producing high-strength concrete. Its consistent particle size and shape ensure the construction of strong, stable structures.

Better Concrete Workability:

M-sand offers superior concrete workability compared to river sand, providing a smooth and consistent texture for ease of mixing and application, leading to a superior quality of concrete. What's more, its need for less water further boosts its workability and sustainability.


The cost of M Sand (Manufactured Sand) is an important factor to consider when planning a construction project. The price of M Sand depends on several factors such as availability, quality, and distance from the source. Generally, it costs around 30-40% less than river sand and can be used in a variety of applications, including plastering and bricklaying.

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MSS Subasri M Sand Suppliers in Chennai

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What is M sand?

M sand, also known as Manufactured sand, is a type of sand produced from crushing hard granite stones into fine sand particles. M sand is an eco-friendly and cost-effective substitute for river sand, which is becoming scarce due to the rampant extraction of sand from river beds.

How much does your M sand cost?

The cost of M sand can vary depending on various factors such as the location, availability, transportation costs, and demand.

What is the minimum order quantity for M sand?

The minimum order quantity for M sand can vary depending on the supplier or manufacturer. It is best to check with the supplier or manufacturer regarding their minimum order quantity.

What are the advantages of using M-sand?

The advantages of using M-sand over river sand include better quality and consistency, no impurities or wastage, reduced environmental impact, and lower cost.

What is the cost of M-sand compared to river sand?

The cost of M-sand is generally lower than that of river sand, making it a cost-effective alternative.