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P Sand Suppliers in Chennai

MSS Subasri is a leading P sand supplier in Chennai, providing high-quality sand for construction purposes. Their sand is sourced from rivers and is thoroughly washed and graded to ensure superior quality. They offer a range of sand varieties, including river sand, m-sand, and plastering sand, which are suitable for various construction needs.

In addition to their sand products, MSS Subasri offers other services, such as excavation, earthwork, and filling, to help with the construction process. They provide affordable prices, and their delivery services are prompt and reliable.

If you are looking for reliable p sand suppliers in Chennai, look no further than MSS Subasri. Their commitment to quality, timely service, and competitive pricing makes them the go-to choice for all your sand needs.

Types of P Sand

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Plastering P Sand

A finer-grained P sand that is ideal for plastering and finishing work.

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Filter Sand:

This type of P sand is used for water filtration applications, such as in swimming pools or water treatment plants.

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Concrete Sand:

A coarse-grained P sand that is often mixed with cement and other materials to create concrete.

Advantage of P Sand

Sand or Plastering Sand is a specially processed sand that is widely used in the construction industry. P Sand offers several advantages, including:

High strength:

P Sand is free from impurities and has a consistent particle size distribution, which makes it ideal for creating strong and durable structures. It provides excellent compressive strength, which is necessary for construction purposes.


P Sand is an eco-friendly alternative to river sand, which is obtained through harmful and illegal mining practices. P Sand is made by crushing rocks and quarry stones, which helps in reducing environmental impact.


P Sand is a cost-effective alternative to river sand, which can be expensive due to its high demand and limited supply. P Sand is readily available in the market and is a cheaper option.

Easy availability:

P Sand is widely available in the market, and P Sand Dealers in Chennai offer prompt delivery services, ensuring that you receive your sand on time.

Consistent quality:

P Sand is processed in a controlled environment, which ensures consistent quality. This consistency is necessary for the construction industry, where quality is of utmost importance.


P sand" is a type of sand that is commonly used in construction and masonry. The cost of P sand can vary depending on factors such as location, supplier, and quantity ordered. It is typically sold by the ton or by the cubic yard, and prices can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per unit depending on these factors.

P sand price per cft (cubic feet) 1 unit P sand price 1 ton P sand price
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MSS Subasri P Sand Suppliers in Chennai

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What is P sand?

P sand is a type of sand that is commonly used in construction and masonry.

What are the different types of P sand available?

The different types of P sand include standard P sand, plastering sand, filter sand, concrete sand, and mason sand.

What is the cost of P sand in Chennai?

The cost of P sand can vary depending on factors such as location, supplier, and quantity ordered.

Can P sand be delivered to my construction site?

Yes, many P sand suppliers offer delivery services to construction sites in Chennai.

How can I ensure that I am getting high-quality P sand?

It is important to choose a reputable and reliable P sand supplier in Chennai who can provide you with high-quality sand that meets your project requirements. You can also ask for a sample of the sand before placing a larger order to ensure its quality.